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About The Artist

The unique style of Spiralsmith was born in the early 1990s. Influenced by her love of spirals and the idea of a more tribal style of jewelry, Lelah Wright created her first earring style using one piece of wire. The designs have evolved but the original concept has remained for over 25 years.

Lelah has spent her life saying ‘Yes’ to The Adventure. Born and raised in South Georgia she headed west as a teenager to attend the University of Arizona where she studied Fine Arts. After college Lelah began her epic journey of traveling in the rich subculture of Renaissance Festivals as an ‘American Gypsy’. During those 13 years of full time travel she honed her jewelry style, became a henna artist, and ran a thriving gypsy costuming business. She met her beloved and they married in 2001. After their son was born in 2005, Lelah and Damian got off the road and Lelah continued to create art and build businesses. They made a life on the Olympic Peninsula of the the Pacific Northwest, where Lelah opened a beautiful boutique as well as joined local artist-owned galleries in the area.

In the Spring of 2018 the Wright Family decided to say ‘Yes’ to adventure once more and moved to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. They now reside in Rincon on the West Side of the island and are loving the sun, warm waters and incredible community. Spiralsmith has grown and shifted into something magical. All over the world people resonate with the ancient symbol of the spiral. The earring style Lelah shaped so many years ago has captivated jewelry lovers everywhere bringing them in to the ‘Spiralsmith Tribe’. What a gorgeous tribe to be a part of!